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  1. What Really Happened in the Middle East
  2. Jimmy Carter's War Against the Jews and the Nation Israel
  3. What Really Happened in the Middle East
  4. What Every American Needs to Know About Jihad
  5. Islamic Mein Kampf
  6. Against All Odds
  7. The Reasons Behind The Arab Defeat In 1967
  8. Elusive Peace: Israel and the Arabs
  9. Yom Kippur War 1973: The Egyptian Revenge
  10. Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran and the Revolt of Islam
  11. Auschwitz: The Final Solution
  12. World At War - A New Germany (1933 - 1939)
  13. World At War - On Our Way To WWII (1939-1942 US-Roosevelt)
  14. World At War - Genocide
  15. World At War - End of Hilter
  16. The Story Behind Israel's Flag
  17. The Land of Israel, Who Does It Belong To?
  18. Obsession, The Movie
  19. Relentless
  20. Anita Dittman TRAPPED IN HITLER'S HELL
  21. Out of Egypt, A Christian View on Obama's Speach
  22. Every Believer should become familier with the term "Mahdi"
  23. History of Events on Tisha B'Av (9th of Av)
  24. 'One Word by Pope Could Reveal Thousands of Jews'
  25. Jimmy Carters Latest Anti-Semite Diatribe
  26. Operation Solomon
  27. Ahmadinejad warns Obama: Don't push Iran
  28. Olmert: 'I offered Abbas the best deal he'll ever get'
  29. Josephus on the Death of Herod
  30. Israel and Prophetic Proof Part I
  31. Israel and Prophetic Proof Part II
  32. 2010 Korban Pesach?
  33. King Solomon's Wall Revealed in Jerusalem
  34. History of Events on Tisha B'Av
  35. Dead Sea Scrolls
  37. Beneath Jerusalem, an Underground City Takes Shape
  38. Iran: Renewing Egypt ties would force 'Zionists' to leave
  39. Video: Jerusalem - Muslims just want to take it from the Jews
  40. A Journey to Caesarea
  42. Herod began building Western Wall, but didn't finish it
  43. November 29, 1947 — A Day That Will Live in Infamy
  44. Bet El - The site of Jacob's Dream Discovered
  45. The Case of the 3,000-Year-old Mystery in Jerusalem
  46. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal washes the Holy Ka’ba
  47. Last secret door of Great Pyramid 'to be opened in 2012', says British
  48. Archaeological Evidence for Sodom: Recent Findings Shed Light on
  49. Israeli archaeologists uncover first artifact confirming written
  50. Tenth of Tevet - Fast Day Marks Siege of Jerusalem
  51. Israeli archaeologists find 1,500-year-old kosher 'bread stamp' near
  52. Old Jewish scrolls found in Afghanistan Israeli professor says
  53. IAA Finds Remains from the Period of the Prophet Jonah
  54. Expedition Claims Evidence of Queen of Sheba Found in Ethiopia
  55. Jerusalem Archaeologists Uncover the “Elusive City” of Aelia Capitolin
  56. Site Where Ark of the Covenant Rested to Be Preserved
  57. Finder of 'Lost Tomb of Jesus' details ancient evidence of Jonah
  58. Turkish Authorities Claim to Have Seized Early Biblical Text
  59. Memorial Designed to Mark the Tomb of the Prophet Zechariah.
  62. Were the Israelites enslaved in Egypt?
  63. Iraq's clash of old and new: Oil pipelines in Babylon
  64. Ancient 'bone box' called oldest Christian artifact
  65. Disclosure: Shots Fired During Joseph's Tomb Visit
  66. 'Matanyahu' Seal Found near Solomon's Temple
  67. Evidence of Ritual in Judea in King David's Time
  68. Ancient Treasure Trove Discovered in Tel Meggido