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Hi Everyone :)

My name is Chana (my Hebrew name)

I have known the Lord most of my life, and I’m so thankful He saved me.

I enjoy meeting fellow Believers, I enjoy hearing how the Lord has changed the lives of those He loves :hello2:

I love the Scriptures, and to study them. I have had my Bible since 1988 and its been rebound once so far.

It is so cool to me to see how Scripture is shown to be accurate in its claims everyday.

I care about those who have’nt met the Lord yet, I pray the Lord helps us bring the harvest in.

I admire those believers who will come to faith during the Tribulation, They will have to be Soo strong in the Lord to endure whats coming!!

I hope to meet each person here and that we can be very good friends.

I pray that if I offend anyone that you come to me in private and tell me so that I can have an opportunity to make things right.

I pray that my presance here will be seen as an asset by everyone:hug2:

I pray this and much more in the Name of Yeshua- Amen



Iran: Fissures emerge in Khamenei's hold on power

Time to break out the popcorn and have a seat on the “spectator” couch.

Iran’s iron cleric unlikely to be at risk, but election furor causes him to blink

For two decades, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has remained a shadowy presence at the pinnacle of power in Iran, sparing in his public appearances and comments. Through his control of the military, the judiciary and all public broadcasts, the supreme leader controlled the levers he needed to maintain an iron if discreet grip on the Islamic republic.

But in a rare break from a long history of cautious moves, he rushed to bless President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for winning the election, calling on Iranians to line up behind the incumbent even before the standard three days required to certify the results had passed.

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Hi Guys….well, I’m reporting my own post for review. Heck of a way to start out….didn’t mean to but I suspect I got pretty close to the “line” of conspiracy but I know no other way of responding to it. If too close for comfort, please delete it and I certainly understand. Your rules were very clear and I’m not here to cause problems. Thank you! :hug

Post: The Rise of Czars in America…and it’s not even legal

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Geepers, this is an awkard situation. Some things we can’t discuss and only bringing that into the picture does any of this make sense…at least to me little mind. :dontknow:

So, let me try and say it this way….Mods…If me footies got ‘cross that No-No line, I’m sorry. Please just delete this entry.

If we had an active MSN, doing the job they did a few generations ago I suspect there would be hooting, howling and swinging from the revolution chandeliers over what’s happening now. But as it is, with a steady diet of Hollywood, sports and only “filtered” news, only a few of us that actively watch and pay attention see what’s happening. Most of us that do have to either put it together ourselves or visit the specialty news sites to “get it”.

If we had the investigative reporting of 25 years ago, we would not have this mess….we would never have gotten close. But we were trained to depend on the 30 second news bytes, depend on the MSM News Menu and partake only of what is offered on that menu. Sadly, truth and objectivity is no longer on the menu. The Forth Estate now shapes what is the news, no longer just reporting it.

Yea, I agree….being furious with Obama is legitimate. Being furious at the Congress and Senate is legitimate. Being furious at the population is legitimate. But its only the tip of the ice burg. This couldn’t happen if there were no huge base of the ice burg hiding under the surface.

Well, at least IMHO :mho:.

Hello family and fellow discerners!!

I am AhavaGirl and am glad to be here where those of us who have a passive for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but THE TRUTH, can hang and pass time together as well as be a light in a very dark place, especially to those who may come in here and need answers to their questions or on discernment issues. I pray that this board will be the beacon that is much needed today and may the Lord’s blessings be upon us and upon you all.