Bolton not ruling out bid for Presidency

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, was asked in an interview whether he would consider a run for the US presidency Ð and did not reject the idea.

“[I]t is a very great honor that anybody would even think of asking,” Bolton told the interviewer at the Daily Caller. “I’m obviously not a politician. I’ve never run for any federal elective office at all and, you know, it is something that would obviously require a great deal of effort,” he said.

“What I do think, though, and what concerns me, is the lack of focus generally in the national debate about national security issues. Now, I understand the economy is in a ditch and people are concerned about it, but our adversaries overseas are not going to wait for us to get our economic house in order.”

When asked if this meant he would consider running, Bolton did not give a clear answer but seemed to hint that such a bid would at least place national security issues at the top of the public agenda.

“In the sense that I want to make sure that not only in the Republican Party, but in the body politic as a whole, people are aware of threats that remain to the United States,” he said. “You know, as somebody who writes op-eds and appears on the television, I appreciate as well as anybody that…there is a limit to what that accomplishes. Whereas, some governor from some state in the middle of the country announces for president they get enormous coverage even if their views are utterly uninformed on major issues.”

When pressed once again about running, he said that he is “not going to do anything foolish,” adding, “you know, I see how the media works…you have to take that into account.”

In a recent interview with Arutz Sheva, Bolton said that Iran now has an “insurance policy” against Israeli attack, and that Obama’s “contain Iran” policy is doomed to failure. He also said that the only solution for Israel and the Palestinian Authority is what he calls the “three-state solution.”


Iran Unites Behind Taking Jerusalem

Iran Unites Behind Taking Jerusalem


One of Iran’s senior clerics and target of the current regime has called on Muslims everywhere to join the demonstrations against Israel’s rule over Jerusalem.

Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani wants mass participation in these anti-Israel demonstrations so they will rock the “pillars” of the Zionist State.

These Al-quds rallies are annual events and demonstrate the Muslim world’s rejection of Israel’s claims to the Holy City of Jerusalem. It seems like the Muslims can put aside all their differences when it comes to calling for the destruction of Israel.

Liberty Univ.-Contemplative Propensities?

Letter from the Editor: Friend’s Husband Angry at Lighthouse Trails Ð Says LT Lies About Liberty University’s Contemplative Propensities

August 31st, 2010

Today, we received the following e-mail from a Lighthouse Trails reader. We have removed any identifying information so as to maintain the privacy of all parties. Please see our comments below the e-mail.

To Lighthouse Trails:

As a result of a casual conversation with a friend, I was telling her about your listing of contemplative colleges. She asked me if Liberty University was one of them. When I e-mailed to tell her yes, she did not reply; but her husband did. He was VERY angry at me Ð vehemently denied that there was any truth to information posted on your site. Can you please help me with this? I have been using your site for a few years now and have never found anything that was untrue.

Thank you very much for any support you can offer me in this delicate matter.

Our Response:

We do have Liberty listed as a college/university that is promoting contemplative spirituality. The information we have posted and written about Liberty is documented, and we provide this documentation for all to see. For instance in the one article we wrote,,

we state that David Wheeler, professor at Liberty was using contemplative leader, Mike Yaconelli’s book for his classes. Wheeler was indeed using this book, and we talked to him on the phone in 2008 to confirm this. We explain in the article the nature of Yaconelli’s book.

In this article,, we listed several areas where Liberty was using contemplative materials.. Mind you, a lot of those links have now been changed by Liberty, but everything we wrote when we wrote it was true and accurate.

Liberty is still promoting Youth Specialties (one of the biggest advocates of contemplative AND emerging spirituality). In the 2010 National Youth Workers Convention website (an event presented by Youth Specialties), Liberty is listed as one of the event’s exhibitors: To participate in any form of this pro-emerging event, where mystic proponents Tony Campolo and Mark Yaconelli will speak, shows that Liberty is still sympathetic toward contemplative spirituality.

Further, on Liberty’s website, they still carry the Code of Ethics which in it explains their connection with contemplative pioneer Richard Foster. (From page 3 of the Code: “Although rooted primarily in an orthodox evangelical biblical theology, this Code is also influenced (according to the paradigm offered by Richard Foster) by the social justice, charismatic-pentecostal, pietistic-holiness, liturgical, and contemplative traditions of Christian theology and church history.“)

If Liberty University does not agree with this strong supporting statement, they should remove the Code of Ethics from their website.

On the Liberty University Center for Worship Resource Center, they list a number of emerging/New Spirituality authors as resources for students: (Rob Bell, Erwin McManus, Donald Miller, Dan Kimball, David Crowder, and Michael Card, etc). Also in Liberty’s Center for Worship are two Spiritual Formation programs. (Spiritual Formation, a term developed by contemplatives Richard Foster and Dallas Willard and identified in the early 1990s by Rick Warren in The Purpose Driven Church).

Other instances where Liberty is using contempaltive material:

In Youth 201 course, they are using Ron Luce’s book for a textbook. Luce is another contemplative advocate.

In DSMN course, Alan Hirsch’s book, Forgotten Ways, is being used as a text book. Hirsch too is an emerging advocate.

Further material:

Other courses at Liberty using contemplative and/or emering authors:

COUN 506, 373 and PACO 506, 373: Henri Nouwen (2 books)

CHMN 497 and PLED 520: Richard Foster, Celebration of Discipline

COUC 735 and 397: Dallas Willard

Vatican calls for Interreligious Dialogue– again!

On Occasion of Ramadan, Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue Calls for Cooperation between Muslims and Christians

Aug 31, 2010

Damascus, (SANA) Ð The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue (PCID) called on Tuesday for cooperation between Muslims and Christians and continuing dialogue to clarify viewpoints and bolster mutual respect.

In a letter, the PCID congratulated Muslims on occasion of Ramadan, saying that “the reasons for violence among believes are the manipulation of religion for political or other purposes, discrimination based on ethnicity of religion, social division and tension, ignorance, poverty, backward thinking and injustice.”

The letter called for supporting civilian and religious authorities in their work to correct wrong situations in pursuit of the general good of society as a while.

The PCID underlined the importance of encouraging mutual forgiveness and reconciliation in order to coexist peacefully, acknowledge common denominators……….

Rev. 13:11


Four Israelis killed in shooting attack near Hebron

Four Israelis killed in shooting attack near Hebron

The attack occurred around 7:30 P.M. when gunmen opened fire on the victims’ car on Route 60 in the West Bank.

Latest update 19:47 31.08.10

Four Israelis were killed on Tuesday night when gunmen opened fire on their car at the entrance to Kiryat Arba, near Hebron, in the West Bank.

The attack occurred around 7:30 P.M. on Route 60

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, which comes just a day before the White House effort begins to re-launch Mideast peace talks.

“We can confirm there are four dead at the scene,” Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.

US welcomes Middle East players as direct talks to resume

US welcomes Middle East players as direct talks to resume

By Christophe Schmidt (AFP) Ð 1 hour ago

WASHINGTON – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was Tuesday to meet Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas, the first in a flurry of contacts with key players in the runup to new direct Israeli-Palestinian talks.

After a 20-month hiatus, the top US diplomat was to meet both Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the eve of a high-profile White House dinner with President Barack Obama.

Both men have both spoken of their willingness to compromise. But each bears a heavy burden of mistrust and suspicion spawned by 17 years of largely fruitless talks punctuated by bouts of bloodletting.

Clinton had six scheduled meetings Tuesday, kicking off with talks with Abbas at 12:30 pm (1630 GMT) at his upscale Washington hotel.

Then she will meet successively with the Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh, his Egyptian counterpart Ahmed Aboul Gheit, former US president Jimmy Carter, and the representative for the Middle East quartet Tony Blair.

The day will end with face-to-face talks with Netanyahu at 19:45 pm (2345 GMT), just ahead of Obama’s Oval Office address to the nation to discuss the end of US combat operations in Iraq……

Egg Recall: Rodents, Feces and Maggots Found at Two Egg Farms

I was going to make breakfast for dinner tonight… :confused1:,0,2741056.story

LOS ANGELES — Food and Drug Administration investigators have found rodents, seeping manure and even maggots at the Iowa egg farms believed to be responsible for as many as 1,500 cases of salmonella poisoning.

FDA officials released their initial observations of the investigations at Wright County Egg and Hillandale Farms on Monday. The two farms recalled more than half a billion eggs after salmonella illnesses were linked to their products earlier this month.

The reports released by the FDA show many different possible sources of contamination at both farms, including rodent, bug and wild bird infestation, uncontained manure, holes in walls and other problems that could have caused the outbreak.

Positive samples of salmonella linked to the outbreak have been found at both farms.

Officials said they still cannot speculate on how the eggs were contaminated. But they said the farms not only violated their own standards but also new egg rules put in place this summer.

Israel Preparing For Syria Attack Against Hezbollah Arms Depot

Israel Preparing For Syria Attack Against Hezbollah Arms Depot

Syria (ChattahBox) Ð Syrian newspapers are reporting that Israel is preparing for an attack on depots and weapon factories belonging to Hezbollah in Syria.

Just days after Western countries began urging Syrian President Bashar Assad to refrain from interference in the coming Israeli Ð Palestinian Authority peace talks, European sources started to report an increase in military support along the Golan Heights and Mount Dov borders….