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Today was my last day in that math class! I know I have been scarce on the boards these past 8 weeks, but this class was very time consuming and so stressful-I barely had time to anything else (you should see my house… :dizzy: ) I am SO glad it is over! :hello2: Now I am praying for the rapture before I have to take my last math course, it’s the other half of our text. I was supposed to start it on Monday but begged off, I need a break, I have been dreaming in math. :heh:

Ahamdinejad: Prepare to Destroy Israel

Ahamdinejad: Prepare to Destroy Israel



In a declaration to attendees of a terrorist conference in Tehran, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahamdinejad said Sunday that “the Zionists are a gang of racists who want to control the world,” and he called on all Arabs and Muslims to “unite to defeat our common enemy. Iranian media said the conference was attended by, among others, the head of Hamas, Khaled Mashaal, and Islamic Jihad Secretary-General Ramadan Shallah.

“The Zionists are devils who oppose unity and justice,” Ahamdinejad said. “They are found wherever there is corruption. The nations of the region must prepare to end the life of the Zionist entity for once and for all. The Iranian people will be with you,” he said.


Anti-semitism being taught in Spain schools


Israel on Sunday filed a formal complaint with Spain, charging that anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are being instilled in grade-school students across parts of the country.

The Israeli embassy in Madrid has received dozens of postcards addressed to the Israeli envoy – from students ages 5 and 6 – including hand-written messages such as “Jews kill for money,” “Evacuate the country for Palestinians,” and “Go to someplace where someone will be willing to accept you.”

According to sources in the Foreign Ministry, this is an organized campaign by officials outside the education system in Spain that have been given permission to work with the students.

The Foreign Ministry had originally planned to summon the Spanish envoy to Israel, Alvaro Iranzo, to rebuke him.

However, in an effort to prevent a diplomatic crisis, the ministry decided instead to discuss the matter with him via telephone. ….The Spanish envoy explained that the postcards were a private initiative, and not one that is part of Spain’s education ministry.

Gilon said Israel understands this is not a government policy, but stressed that these types of initiatives have no place in schools and that Israel requests action be taken to have the campaign stopped.

North Korean yellowcake was bound for Syria when Israel struck in 200

North Korean yellowcake was bound for Syria when Israel struck in 2007

DEBKAfile Special Report February 28, 2010, 9:09 PM (GMT+02:00)

At the time of Israel’s bombardment of the Syrian-Iranian plutonium plant under construction in northern Syria on September 2007, 45 tons of North Korean yellowcake, enough for several nuclear bombs, was on its way to the plant, Japanese intelligence sources have revealed. It was this information, debkafile’s intelligence sources add, that prompted the Israeli attack with president George W. Bush’s approval.

The administration in Washington sought not merely to prevent a large consignment of weapons-grade material from reaching Syrian hands, but equally to make it clear to Pyongyang that the US meant to enforce the UN Security Council ban on its nuclear proliferation activities.

Straight after the Israeli bombardment, Syrian president Bashar Assad is said to have urgently advised the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Il to turn the uranium-laden ship around because the Americans and Israelis would likely attack it or seize its cargo if it reached the Mediterranean….


Ahmadinejad: Palestinian unity to send evil Israel to hell

Ahmadinejad: Palestinian unity to send evil Israel to hell

Sun, 28 Feb 2010 18:38:16 GMT

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has blasted Israeli inhumane crimes, insisting that the era of the Israeli regime and its allies is inching towards an end.

“Your [Israelis and their allies] time is over… You should respect the Palestinian people and go back to your own home,” Ahmadinejad said during an international conference on Palestine in Tehran on Sunday.

“You have no repute among the regional nations…You should recognize that regional nations are wise. The Zionist regime will face no other fate than collapse if it continues its aggression,” he added.

Ahmadinejad said that Israel has no mission but occupation, aggression and spreading warmongering policies, adding, “Anti-terrorism slogans are just pretexts for presence in the region and support for the Zionism.”

He emphasized that the Israeli regime is on the decline and has reached an impasse, calling on the Palestinians and regional nations to strengthen their unity to achieve victory over Israel. ………


White House: Simple up-or-down vote on health care

White House: Simple up-or-down vote on health care

Feb 28 01:50 PM US/Eastern


Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) – The White House called for a “simple up-or-down” vote on health care legislation Sunday as Speaker Nancy Pelosi appealed to House Democrats to get behind President Barack Obama’s chief domestic priority even it if threatens their political careers.

In voicing support for a simple majority vote, White House health reform director Nancy-Ann DeParle signaled Obama’s intention to push the Democratic-crafted bill under Senate rules that would overcome GOP stalling tactics.

Republicans unanimously oppose the Democratic proposals. Without GOP support, Obama’s only chance of emerging with a policy and political victory is to bypass the bipartisanship he promoted during his televised seven-hour health care summit Thursday.

“We’re not talking about changing any rules here,” DeParle said. “All the president’s talking about is: Do we need to address this problem and does it make sense to have a simple, up-or-down vote on whether or not we want to fix these problems?”

DeParle was optimistic that the president would have the votes to pass the massive bill. But none of legislation’s advocates who spoke on Sunday indicated that those votes were in hand.

“I think we will get to that point where we will have the votes,” predicted Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., a member of the Senate Democratic leadership. “I believe that we will pass health care reform this spring.” …


Iranian President: Israel's 'Time Has Passed'

Iranian President: Israel’s ‘Time Has Passed’

Reported: 19:59 PM – Feb/28/10


As he continued a second day of his meeting with the heads of terror groups in Tehran, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahamdinejad said Sunday that Israel’s “time had passed,” and that “the Zionist regime has lost its raison d’etre.” Iranian media said the conference was attended by, among others, the head of Hamas, Khaled Mashaal, and Islamic Jihad Secretary-General Ramadan Shallah.

The latest threat came just days after Ahamdinejad said that he dreamt of “a world without Zionists.”


It's raining fish…

It’s a rare phenomena but it happens, can you imagine?


WHILE the Top End and Central Australia have been battered by torrential rains, a Territory town has had fish falling from the sky.

The freak phenomena happened not once, but twice, on Thursday and Friday afternoon about 6pm at Lajamanu, about 550km southwest of Katherine.

NEWSBREAKER Christine Balmer, who took these photos of the fish on the ground and in a bucket, had to pinch herself when she was told “hundreds and hundreds” of small white fish had fallen from the sky.

“It rained fish in Lajamanu on Thursday and Friday night,” she said, “They fell from the sky everywhere.

“Locals were picking them up off the footy oval and on the ground everywhere.

“These fish were alive when they hit the ground.”

Mrs Balmer, the aged care co-ordinator at the Lajamanu Aged Care Centre, said her family interstate thought she had lost the plot when she told them about the event.

“I haven’t lost my marbles,” she said, reassuring herself. “Thank god it didn’t rain crocodiles.”…..

Israeli air force training hints at possible strike on Iran

Israeli air force training hints at possible strike on Iran

Israeli media reported on Sunday that the Israeli air force has started practicing rapid refueling, the type of which would only be used in a sustained aerial attack on a distant enemy.

The process involves Israeli warplanes sent on raids thousands of miles away returning to Israel, landing and refueling without shutting off their engines in order to get back in the air as fast as possible. Naturally, rapid refueling of this type is very risky, since the fuel is being pumped not far from the jet’s engines.

Revelation that Israel is doing this kind of training came just a day after the New York Times reported that Iran had moved nearly its entire uranium stockpile to a vulnerable above-ground facility.

Iran announced earlier in the month that it would enrich its uranium to 20%, a process that requires moving it to a less secure enrichment facility. The uranium had previously been stored in a deep and heavy fortified underground facility.


Israeli minister says Hamas not untouchable

Israeli minister says Hamas not untouchable

Feb 28 08:20 AM US/Eastern

JERUSALEM (AP) – An Israeli Cabinet minister says the assassination of a Hamas operative in Dubai last month shows any member of the militant Islamic group can be targeted.

Trade Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer told Army Radio on Sunday that he had no idea who killed Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. But he said the slaying shows Hamas that “none of their people are untouchable.”

Ben-Eliezer, a former defense minister, said the killing would deter other Islamic militant groups.

Al-Mabhouh was killed by assassins in a posh Dubai hotel last month. Israel says al-Mabhouh was involved in smuggling weapons into the Gaza Strip. He was also wanted by Israel for the 1989 killing of two Israeli soldiers. ………