Nuclear explosion on Earth created Moon?

Nuclear explosion on Earth created Moon?

Sun, 31 Jan 2010 18:30:33 GMT

Scientists have suggested a new theory saying that the Moon was created as a result of a nuclear explosion on Earth.

The new hypothesis is based on the 19th century fission theory, which said Earth and Moon were created after a molten rock collided with the planet and part of it was thrown into the orbit around it, becoming the Moon.

Rob de Meijer of the University of the Western Cape and Wim van Westrenen of Amsterdam’s VU University, however, do not believe that this was the case.

They believe that if the Moon was had been knocked off by an impacting external force, it would have the same composition as that of the Earth and the object that hit it.

“Models of solar system evolution show that it is highly unlikely for the chemical composition of the Earth and impactor to be identical,” they wrote in their research paper ‘An alternative hypothesis for the origin of the Moon.’

Recent lunar samples, however, showed that the moon has almost the same chemical……

Keep guessing, man. :rolls::tsk:

2010 Korban Pesach?


The performance of the KorbanPesach was a logical first step following every national and religious revival after periods of moral decline and assimilation….When the Jewish people returned from the Babylonian captivity, Ezra the Scribe sought to reestablish Jerusalem’s centrality for the Jewish people. At that time, many Jews, especially among the elites, preferred the fleshpots of Babylon. He did this by offering the Korban Pesach for the Jews who had remained in the Diaspora, as well those who had properly returned to Jerusalem. (Ezra 6:19-22)

We can see from the above that the Korban Pesach was the supreme symbol of Jewish unity. Such unity never came at the expense of individuality, for it achieved an exquisite balance. While this commandment was to be performed by the entire Jewish people the fact that each quorum was composed of family and friends demonstrated that unity would not swallow up personality and individuality. The loss of the Korban Pesach left a void in the Jewish people who were deprived of a very potent symbol of unity.


Obviously, the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash (Temple in Jerusalem) and the restrictions imposed by conquerors on Jewish access Jerusalem and to the Temple Mount, resulted in the cessation of the Korban Pesach.

Yet the fact that there was no longer any Temple did not mean that one could not offer sacrifices, including the Korban Pesach. According to the Rambam, the sanctity of the Temple Mount remains. Not only is it possible to sacrifice the Korban Pesach, there remains an obligation to do so on the Temple Mount.

We have proof that the commandment of the Korban Pesach was observed, even after the destruction of the Temple. Rabban Gamliel who lived a hundred years after the destruction commanded his servant to roast the Korban Pesach (Pesachim 87b). Also, the Byzantine Caesar Yostaninos issued an edict forbidding the Jews from sacrificing the Korban Pesach as late as the Sixth Century of the Common Era, long after the destruction of The Temple. This shows the Jews were still offering the Korban Pessach long after the destruction.


Recently, the Jewish people have begun to reassert their rights to the Temple Mount. They have been aided by technical progress and archaeological discoveries in solving the once insurmountable problem of determining the areas that can be visited by Jews even in a state of impurity, and which areas remained off limits. Modern technology such as laser cutting tools can solve the problem of constructing an altar without metallic tools.

However, the most important development has not been technological, but spiritual. The emergence of a Jewish religious leadership in the form of a renascent Sanhedrin Initiative has provided the breakthrough. A group of rabbinic leaders has summoned the courage to revive Jewish legal thought and authority in the framework of a renewed Jewish sovereignty. The new Sanhedrin Initiative is in the forefront of the drive to renew the Korban Pesach. It assumes responsibility for ensuring that the commandments is performed in conformity with Jewish religious law, and will also coordinate the practical details with the appropriate Israeli governmental authorities.

This year in Jerusalem, the Sanhedrin Initiative is calling upon the Jewish people in Israel and throughout the world to participate in the Korban Pesach. The Sanhedrin Initiative will choose sheep to be offered in the Korban Pesach, and all preparations will be made in the expectation that we can renew this ancient, traditional offering. In the event that political or other obstacles intervene, the Sanhedrin Initiative has taken halakhic precautions to ensure that the monies for purchasing the sheep can still be used for charitable donations.

More about the Korban Pesach here….


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Merkel: February is decisive month in West's standoff with Iran

Peres: Iran seeks to take control of Mideast

Last update – 00:21 27/01/2010

Iran is the world’s “center of terror” which seeks to impose its will on the Middle East, President Shimon Peres said Tuesday during a historic visit to Berlin.

“Ahmadinejad’s regime is openly calling for Israel’s destruction, denying the Holocaust, and preventing peace with the Palestinians. It is destabilizing Lebanon and Yemen and trying to take over Iraq,” Peres said on the eve of his address to the Bundestag.

Today’s center of terror is in Iran,” Peres said. “Terror is the military wing of Iran’s political ambitions. The Iranians aspire to take control of the Middle East, and to destabilize existing regimes.”

Earlier Tuesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told Peres that February will be a “decisive” month in the West’s diplomatic standoff with Iran over its alleged nuclear program.

Iran’s refusal to suspend uranium enrichment would compel the United Nations to impose harsh sanctions against the Islamic republic, Merkel warned.

During a joint press conference with the German leader, Peres praised the chancellor for “her extraordinary friendship” with Jerusalem and “her steadfast stance on the Iranian issue.”


25 Egyptians grilled for allegedly planning terror attacks

25 Egyptians grilled for allegedly planning terror attacks


31/01/2010 14:19

Egyptian paper says group was planning to attack US ships in Suez Canal and the tomb of revered Jewish holy man Abu Hatzira in the Nile Delta; suspects accused of forming new terror group.

Some 25 Egyptians arrested in November are being questioned by prosecutors for allegedly planning terrorist attacks, a security official and a lawyer said Sunday.

The security official said the suspects were arrested on charges of stockpiling weapons and explosives to be used in “attacks against targets inside Egypt.” The men were arrested in Mansoura, northeast of Cairo, two months ago and are believed to be members of a new Islamic militant group.

The official and lawyer both spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the investigations.

“They are accused of forming a new Islamic militant group based on ideas of Sayyid Qutb,” said the lawyer referring to an Egyptian ideologue executed in 1966 whose ideas provide much of the intellectual basis for today’s militant groups…..

Sen.-elect Brown says he supports abortion rights

Sen.-elect Brown says he supports abortion rights

Jan 31 09:24 AM US/Eastern

WASHINGTON (AP) – Republican Sen.-elect Scott Brown of Massachusetts says he opposes federal funding for abortions, but thinks women should have the right to choose whether to have one.

Brown tells ABC’s “This Week” that he disagrees with his party’s position that the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion should be overturned.

Brown says the abortion question is one that’s best handled by a woman, her family and her doctor. He also says more effort needs to go into reducing the number of abortions in the U.S.

Brown has said the GOP shouldn’t take his vote for granted on every issue. He says he’s fiscally conservative but more moderate on social issues. ……………

Seized North Korea arms were bound for Iran: Thailand

Seized North Korea arms were bound for Iran: Thailand

Sat, Jan 30 2010

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – A shipment of weapons from North Korea seized by Thai authorities last month were headed for Iran, according to a confidential report the Thai government sent to a U.N. Security Council committee.

Thai authorities seized more than 35 tons of arms from a cargo plane they said had come from North Korea, and arrested its five crew members after the aircraft made an emergency landing at a Bangkok airport in December.

The report to the Security Council’s North Korea sanctions committee, seen by Reuters on Saturday, said the shipment included rockets, fuses, rocket launchers and rocket-propelled grenades.

The cargo plane departed from Pyongyang and was en route to Mehrabad airport in Tehran, the report said. The shipping firm was listed as Korea Mechanical Industry Co……..

Netanyahu: 'Israel has no better friend than Berlusconi'

Netanyahu: ‘Israel has no better friend than Berlusconi’


31/01/2010 12:57

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said at Sunday’s cabinet meeting that [I]”Tomorrow’s arrival of the Italian premier in Israel at the head of a delegation of six ministers is part of a general upgrading of relations between Israel and European governments.”[/I]

Netanyhau stated that an “upgrade in relations with influential nations within the European Union is important to Israel, which is the reason I attach such importance to the meeting with the delegation. [B]I very much appreciate [Prime Minister] Berlusconi. Israel has no better friend in the international community.[/B]”

Oh really?:confused: –>>

'Hezbollah prepared for any surprise'

‘Hezbollah prepared for any surprise’

Sun, 31 Jan 2010 03:09:28 GMT

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem has said that the Lebanese resistance movement is ready for any surprise from Israel.

“Hezbollah is prepared and ready for any surprise. As long as Israel exists in the Middle East region, it poses a considerable threat to the entire region and will try to give the wrong impression about Iran’s civilian nuclear program,” the senior Hezbollah official said in Beirut on Saturday.

Qassem added that the Hezbollah resistance movement is greatly indebted to Iran for its many triumphs and regards such achievements to be the result of the practical guidelines of Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei and Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah.

Israel has not achieved its goal of ending Hezbollah’s influence in Lebanon, and the Islamic resistance movement claimed victory in the 1996, 2000, and 2006 wars with Tel Aviv. …

US beefs up military presence off Iranian shores

US beefs up military presence off Iranian shores

Sun, 31 Jan 2010 08:50:31 GMT

In addition to imposing new sanctions on the Tehran government, the US has reportedly begun beefing up its military presence and war paraphernalia off the Iranian coast.

US military officials told AP on condition of anonymity that Washington has taken silent steps to increase the capability of land-based Patriot missiles on the territory of some of its Arab allies in the Persian Gulf region.

Patriot missile systems were originally deployed to the Persian Gulf region to target aircrafts and shoot down missiles before they reach their target.

According to the officials, who were expounding on the classified information in a Sunday interview, the US Navy is also upgrading the presence of ships capable of intercepting missiles.

The officials claimed that details are kept secret, because a number of Arab states fear Iran’s military capabilities, but at the same time, are cautious about acknowledging their cooperation with the US. …..